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As a committed and hard-working manufacturer of passive optical fiber components, BC Fiber Optic is a well-rounded international provider. The company has been thriving and improving in accordance with the technological innovations and the customer needs and requests since its foundation. What has begun as a trading company in 2008 became an ever-growing manufacturing, trade and stock company within the years. We now operate globally with 3 manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, China and Turkey and with 10 sales offices 2 being in USA, 2 being in Russia and the others being in Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Spain, Italy, and France.

We have our own distribution system and warehouses throughout the world. Every local office has its own warehouse. With modern equipment and manufacturing processes we have and the high focus we maintain on quality control to provide high quality at affordable prices, we supply materials to many big international companies, particularly the telecommunication companies.

Considering the customer satisfaction and product quality as the first priority, our vision is to deliver prudential materials to the appreciation of our customers with economical prices. To remain up-to-date, environment-friendly and to be a strong company which makes substantial contributions to a bright future of a connected world.    

▬ To create proactive solutions with cutting-edge technology in order to increase the efficiency of the products we supply. 
▬ To be environmentally responsible while operating, to consider the public welfare and to produce safe, sustainable products.
▬ To be committed to the unconditional customer satisfaction and make an infinite effort to provide the materials with the most economical prices possible in the market. 

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